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Microsoft Security Essentials is an antivirus software developed by Microsoft. The software was initially released in 2009, and it protects your computer against computer viruses, spyware, rootkits, and trojan horses.  This software has been given as a built-in feature (in the form of Windows Defender) in the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, such as in Windows 8 and 10. But for the versions of Windows before Windows 8, you need to download Microsoft Security Essentials manually. You can get the Microsoft Security Essentials Download pretty easily and it’s free.

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Features of Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender)

Microsoft Security Essentials provide real-time protection to its users by constantly scanning files and other programs on your computer.

The program will download the latest virus definitions from Windows update every day and will scan for malicious software as per the latest definitions.

Microsoft Security Essentials  download also has a quarantine area where it will keep suspected files or programs, so you can have a look at them and deal with them as needed. In case the program doesn’t get a response from you, it’ll automatically handle them as per the instructions given by you in settings. In most cases, you should be able to restore files deleted by Windows Defender (be sure to turn on create System Restore points option on the settings page).

What’s new in the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials Download?

The Microsoft Team updates the Microsoft Security Essentials Software every day. The latest update as per Microsoft’s website was released on this week. In this update Microsoft added a new threat definition and also updated some threat definitions. Complete detail of the update is as follows:

Newly added threat definition in Microsoft Security Essentials

Ransom: Win32/Coronalock.DEA!MTB
This is a ransomware that can stop you from accessing things on your pc, and then the hacker may ask you to pay money (ransom) to use these files.

Updated Threat Definitions in Microsoft Security Essentials

All these below mentioned threats can give the hacker access to your pc, and the hacker would be able to perform different actions.

1. Trojan: Win32/AutoRun!MSR
2. Trojan: HTML/Phish!MSR
3. Trojan: Java/Adwind.AY!MTB
4. Trojan: Win32/Johnnie.LM!MTB

PROS and CONS of Microsoft Security Essentials

Let’s now go over the PROS and CONS of Microsoft Security Essentials Free Download.


  • The software is free: The performance of the software is good if you compare it with other free antiviruses. But you can’t compare it with any paid ones, though.
  • Light-weight software and easy installation: Windows defender is a cloud-based software and doesn’t consume a lot of resources of your pc. Keeping in mind that the software is free, the installation is also pretty straightforward and easy.
  • Regular updates: A new version of Windows Defender is released every day, and you can either download the updates from their site or turn on automatic updates on the software you are using.


  • Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows defender alone isn’t enough: Due to the limited features and bad performance of Microsoft Security Essentials, users usually have to buy or download other Antiviruses as well. The fickle performance of the software can be frustrating.

Rating Overview of Microsoft Security Essentials

Have you used Microsoft Security Essentials already? If yes, please rate this software as it helps the rest of us make great decisions.

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