Download Rufus For Mac, Windows and Linux

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    Pete Batard
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    GNU GPL 3+
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    rufus-3.3.exe / rufus-3.3-portable.exe
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    USB bootable

Update:  Pete Batard/Akeo released a new version of Rufus i.e. Download Rufus 3.2 with different updates and enhancements. Get the Rufus download link below this post to download Rufus 3.2 version.

Installation of an operating system from a USB drive is fast as compared to from a DVD. If you’re planning to install an operating system like Windows 10 or Linux from an image file or ISO file, there is a need to create a bootable USB drive. There are many programs like built-in Command Prompt, Microsoft’s official Windows USB/DVD Download Tool etc. available to create a USB drive but these programs are slow and not working well while creating windows 10 ISO file bootable.

So this time around, I tried another fast and high profile USB bootable software, Rufus.

Download Rufus Free ISO Software

Reliable USB Formatting Utility i.e. RUFUS is a free and open source utility program allows you to make a bootable USB for Windows, Linux and other operating systems. Rufus bootable USB tool works well with all versions of different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Fedora and Linux. The latest version of Rufus free ISO Software unveiled with good features and a better interface. Rufus software is truly fast and two times faster than the Windows 7 USB download tool, UNetbootin or Universal USB Installer while making a Windows 7 bootable USB from ISO file. It is also faster while creating a Linux bootable USB from an ISO file. Tests performed by users indicate that the procedure of making a bootable ISO image on a USB flash drives carries about 30% less time than Rufus alternatives.

Rufus 3.3 Download for Windows

Rufus does not need installation and is quite easy to start. When you run Rufus, It detects your USB flash drive automatically. If you want to create a bootable USB Drive; Download Rufus utility and Run it. Now select your USB drive you need to use and partition option – it’s worth mentioning that Rufus also works with a bootable UEFI drive, MBR Partition scheme and GPT boot.

If you want more configurations, Rufus allows you to set configurations like the file system, Partition Scheme, cluster size, quick format etc.  Additionally, this software also adds certain advanced format options that assist your drive to work well with older desktops.

Key Features of Rufus Free Download

Following are the key features of Rufus free download.

  • Format USB flash drives, pen drives and supports commonly used NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS and UDF file system.
  • Available as free Rufus executable and portable software.
  • Ready to use. No installation required but creates some registry keys in the registry.
  • Available in 39 different languages with an easy and user-friendly interface.
  • The advanced option includes a check device for bad blocks and can calculate MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums of the ISO file.
  • Two times faster than UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer and Microsoft’s official Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.
  • Supports DOS bootable USB drives and also creates UEFI or BIOS bootable USB drive as well as UEFI bootable NTFS
  • Create bootable drives from ISO files of Windows, Linux and Fedora etc.

How to use Rufus for Linux?

Download Rufus and open the program. Now by using a user-friendly interface of Rufus for Linux, select the desired USB flash drive, partition scheme, file system and cluster size. You can even do more configurations if you required.

What type of files does Rufus Support?

Rufus works well with standard and compressed .iso files of the Windows operating system and Linux distributions. Additionally, it runs smoothly with a number of raw disk image files. It also supports GRUB boot loader.

Is Portable Version of Rufus available?

Yes, Rufus portable is also available. It saves and transfers the user’s specific settings when transferring from one device to another.

Can I Make a VHD Drive for Use With Rufus?

This tool is often used along with Windows Virtual Disk Drives in both the VHD and VHDX versions. Individuals who are working with Windows 7 or later can make VHD drives quickly for many different kinds of applications.

Why can’t I find my USB drive in Rufus?

For many who are dealing with an error while trying to use their USB flash drives should download the latest version of Rufus and enable the List USB Hard Drives option in the advanced options panel. Moreover, remember that Rufus doesn’t support non-flash drives.

Windows 10 reports that Download Rufus ISO to Bootable USB Windows Includes Virus and malware.

Rufus is trusted and totally free from viruses. However, people who want to discredit our work reported it to windows 10 defenders which transform results in false positives. Download Rufus 3 .1 with new timestamps to fix it. If anyone still identifies a problem in Rufus ISO to bootable USB Windows should contact the Rufus official developer.

Does Rufus application Modifies Windows registry?

Yeah, Rufus requires to modify registry keys to save certain types of data. If you’re using Rufus portable then it will temporarily create registry keys. Rufus really needs it to examine the software functionality and check for new updates.

What is the Rufus Bootable Supported File Systems?

Rufus bootable facilitates file systems like FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT and UDF.

What are the functions performed by Rufus Format options?

Rufus format option can check device for bad blocks/ sectors. You can

Quick format your USB flash drive with Rufus portable and executable tool. You can also make extended label and image files – to help the display of worldwide labels and the making of autorun.inf.

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