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Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite software. It is developed by Microsoft Incorporation. Microsoft Office Word comprises useful document tools like word processing, slideshows, spreadsheets, database-related applications and many others. From here, get Microsoft Word free download and start creating your documents in a better way.

Software specs

  • Developer

    Microsoft Corporation

  • Version

    Office 2016

  • License

    Free / Trial

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  • OS Compatibility

    Microsoft Windows

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    OfficeProfessionalRetail.img | OfficeHomeStudentRetail.img

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    4.13 GB

  • Category

    Office Suite

  • Last Updated

    April 7, 2020

MS Word is a word processing program with new features. Here we provide Microsoft Word free download link along with Microsoft Office suite.

You can create, view and update documents with Microsoft Word. It is the most famous word processing application. Microsoft Word is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Microsoft Word free download 2019

Microsoft Word is the best word processing application for individuals. It is the most famous Microsoft incorporation product after Windows. Here is Microsoft Word free download offline installer for Windows. To download Microsoft Word for free, click on the download button.

Here are the salient features of Microsoft Word download.

Free Microsoft Word Salient Features and Functionalities

  • Create, Edit, View and Share DOC and DOCX file formats:
    The latest version of Microsoft Word saves documents in DOC and DOCX file formats. You can easily create, update, view and share these file formats in Microsoft Word.
  • Built-in Grammar & Spell Checker:
    The Microsoft Word app has its own built-in proofreading tools. It includes word count, Thesaurus, spelling and grammar check.
  • Modern Formatting Templates:
    The latest version of Microsoft Word download comes with new templates. Use them to make documents more attractive and organized.
  • Edit Image & Pictures:
    You can insert images with image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF in MS Word documents. Microsoft Word also allows you to do basic image edits within the application.
  • Format Painter:
    Copy and paste already used document formatting in a new file to save time.
  • Font tools:
    Using the font tool, you can change the font face, font size, font style like bold, italic, underline, strikethrough. Microsoft Word free download font tool also allows you to add text effects, font colors, change letter case, clear text formatting and highlight your text with ease.
  • Create Lists and Customize Paragraphs:
    Add lists to your Word file in different styles like bullet and numbered. You can customize paragraphs and set paragraphs alignment. Also customize spacing, shading, bordering and indent levels. You can also arrange and sort paragraphs using the paragraph menu.
  • Manage Documents Format and Styles:
    Add different text formats and styles to documents using the style section in Microsoft Word.
  • Tables and Illustrations:
    Add new pages, tables, pictures, ClipArt, geometry shapes, SmartArt and charts to your files using Microsoft Word download.

More Key Features of Microsoft Word

  • Text, Header and Footer Styles:
    With Microsoft Word you can add and change the header and footer styles. Also add page numbers, watermarks, text box and drop cap to your office files.
  • Microsoft Word Math Tool:
    With math tools, you can insert mathematical symbols, equations and formulas into the word document with more comfort.
  • Link Different documents:
    This feature allows you to add references, hyperlinks and bookmarks to your Microsoft Word document.
  • Microsoft Word Theme and Page Setup:
    Set word document themes, theme color, and theme effects by using a theme feature. Also set page margins, page size, page orientation and page columns in word free download.
  • Share Documents:
    View and share documents with your community and over the internet directly from Microsoft Word Window.
  • References and Table of Contents:
    Add a table of content, endnotes, captions, citations and bibliography to publish your book using word latest version.
  • Collaborate with Others
    In word 2016, you can collaborate with others by inserting the names and email addresses of other collaborators in the Word Permission section. Share and collaborate word documents with ease. Download Word for free today and start sharing files with others.

How to Install Microsoft Word for free?

First, download the latest version of Microsoft Word. Run the word offline installer and follow instructions. Go for the custom application install option. Here, check only Microsoft Word to get it installed on your computer.

Click on the Continue button to start the MS Word installation. After some time, Microsoft Word free download offline installer setup will be installed on your PC. Go to start menu and search for “Microsoft Word”. Click on the MS Word icon to open the MS Word Program.

What type of File Formats does Free Word Support?

MS Word supports .doc and .docx file extensions. But if you installed third-party plugins your free Microsoft Word will support WBK, DOCM, DOTX, DOTM and DOCB file formats.

Is it Safe to Download Microsoft Word for Free?

Yes, you can download the Microsoft Word free setup with confidence from here. We are not using any third-party software to download Microsoft word setup. It is a direct download link to MS word and 100% safe & secure.

Is Word an Open Source Software?

No, it is not available as open-source word processing software. If you’re looking for an open-source office suite then use  LibreOffice as it is the best open-source alternative to Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word Free Download Links

If you want to get a free word processing program i.e. Microsoft Word, click on the Free Word download button available for Windows operating system. It is the trial version of Microsoft Word. To get Microsoft Word Product Key and License, please visit Microsoft Office’s official webpage.

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