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Discord is a free voice and text chat utility application specifically designed for gamers. You can download discord for desktop PC and mobile devices. It is available for Mac and Windows operating system as well as Android and iOS. Discord free download app is popular among online gamers and communities. If you want to install the Voice over Internet Protocol application then discord is the best option. Discord download is available for both PC and smartphones at no cost. it is a fast and secure Communication tool for free voice and text chats.

Software specs

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    Discord Inc.

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    Microsoft Windows, Mac

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    Discord for Windows | Discord for Mac

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    58.5 MB | 56.4 MB

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    March 22, 2020

Discord Free Download for Windows and Mac

New Discord 0.0.9 Overview

Discord 0.0.9 is the latest stable release and available in 27 different languages. It is written in javascript and using WebRTC. The latest version of discord download allows you to text chat, receive notifications, send and accept game invitations, full call support, screen share feature and much more.

In Discord, you can join a community or create a new community to start chatting. It is a modern voice chat platform with a good interface. The interface of discord app is simple, attractive and functional. It is the best alternative for TeamSpeak and Skype.

Discord free download is available for web browsers, Android and iOS, Mac, Microsoft Windows and Linux distribution. According to discord incorporation, discord download has more than 130 million active users who are using discord on different devices like PCs, Laptops and smartphone.

Let us discuss the new features and functionalities introduced in the latest version of discord free download

Discord Download New Features and Functionalities

  • The latest version of discord download for Windows is 0.0.9, Discord for Mac is 0.0.5 and for Android is 8.8.8 with lots of features and functionalities.
  • One of the major advantage of Discord is it is available for all platforms and you can use and download discord for free.
  • Discord is a modern VoIP tool with free voice and text chat. You can call or text chat in a group, join chat communities and create new discord groups, channels and communities.
  • New release of Discord download for Mac is much better, faster with more security. Users can securely send and share videos, screens and images to others in real time.
  • Get all the latest message and chat notifications to stay connected with discord community.
  • Discord fully support Xbox so gamers can call and text chat to others in real time.
    The latest version of Discord added a new authentication and instant invite features, beautiful volume slider to adjust volume, good quality audio and other incredible functionalities.
  • You can also add keybinds which is a useful feature for streamers.
  • With Discord, you can invite other gamers and users to your chat group by sending them a link.
  • The new version of Discord download for games is redesigned with a more organized chat structure and easy to manage different chat groups.

To learn more about features and functionalities of discord free download please visit Discord app official website.

How to use Discord for Free?

To get started, download discord latest version for your device and install it on your system. To use discord is pretty simple.

The first step to start using discord is to register with discord and create a user name. After your successful registration, a new discord user interface appears on your screen. To create a new server, press the “plus” button on the lower left side of your device screen.

Now discord allows you to create or join a server for free. To create a new discord server, follow simple steps to complete the process. Once you create a server you can invite other people, create text and voice channels for friends and others. To keep channel private you can set a password in discord server permission section.

Download Discord for Windows and Mac at No Cost

We recommend you to download discord as it is free and best VoIP for gamers. You can get free discord setup for Windows and Mac by clicking on the download button given below. Discord download for windows comes in the installation package with a .exe file while discord for mac download available as a .dmg file. The download link is secure, safe and free to download discord for your device.

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