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AnyDesk is an exclusive remote work area application circulated by AnyDesk Software GmbH. The product program encourages remote access to PCs running the host application, which can install on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

AnyDesk enables clients to access said PCs both from PCs and from iOS and Android cell phones. Since variant 5.1.2 for Android, it can give remote access to Android gadgets.

Software specs

  • Developer

    AnyDesk Software

  • License


  • Available in


  • OS Compatibility

    Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

  • File Name

    AnyDesk for Windows | AnyDesk for Mac

  • File Size

    3.0 MB

  • Category

    File Transfer

  • Last Updated

    March 17, 2020


Key Features of AnyDesk:

There are many more critical benefits of AnyDesk that we have just after downloading from the below link. Following listed are the most benefits of AnyDesk.

  • Efficient bandwidth uses as low as 100 Kbps.
  • DeskRT is an innovative codec that built the foundation of AnyDesk.
  • More secure and easy to use remote desktop application.
  • Support File transfer between computers.
  • More flexible runs on multiple platforms i.e., Windows, Android, and for MAC.
  • It supports 28 international languages.
  • Provides you the control list for only white-listed connection to access your desktop.
  • USes TLS 1.2 technology to restrict unauthorized acess.

How to make a connection through AnyDesk

If you want to make a connection, AnyDesk program should be running on both the local and the remote computers. You need an Internet connection as data is transferred through an Internet server. Each device uses an ID, so you need to enter the number given to the guest to start a connection. You can connect to various machines simultaneously.

In addition to using the remote desktop as if it were your own, you can also transfer files via clipboard. However, while data is shifting, there is no way to interrupt or pause the operation. It is good that hotkey combinations work on the remote computer. Various settings let you grant permissions, such as playing sounds and taking control of the keyboard and mouse. Moreover, it is easy to switch power between the local and the remote machines.

How To Download AnyDesk for Windows and Mac

  • Downloading AnyDeskfor Mac can be quickly done by following our guide below.
  • Download the arrangement file for “AnyDesk for Mac.”
  • Find the downloaded file and after that open it.
  • The installation steps will be shown on your screen to tail it.
  • Agree to the conditions of the product and after that, click “Next.”
  • Click on “finish” to complete the installation procedure.

How to uninstall AnyDesk

Before you start your expulsion, you should download and introduce an expert uninstaller onto your Mac, and the establishment will charge you of nothing. So we should perceive how you can uninstall AnyDesk with basic strides in a moment or two.

  • Launch the uninstaller in Finder or the DOCK.
  • Select the application with a single tick, and after that, snap on the “Run Analysis” catch, which will consequently sweep out every one of the segments of the undesirable application for you.
  • Click on the “complete Uninstall” catch and afterward select “YES” to make an affirmation of your activity to expel AnyDesk.

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